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A place to share beautiful items and conversations with consciousness, awareness and love.  We focus a lot on developing our Energy Sprays that are gifts from the universe. We also offer Angelic Reiki Healing Services and some rare crystals.


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Kevin Gan 在年少时就开始了他的灵修之旅,当时候他非常着迷并穿梭于水晶,宝石和精油王国的世界里。 在过程里,他惊讶的发现了更多更浩瀚的宇宙。经历过许多人生挑战的他,意识到人生经历过了黑暗时期,才能够意识到何谓曙光!黑暗与光明是并存的。您若没有经历过黑暗,就无法理解和享受什么是光明的温暖。他现在主要是与天使,扬升大师和其他纯爱的星际存有一起工作。与更高的意识连接并创造了自家品牌的水晶,植物精华的能量喷雾和能量疗愈来提升自身和空间的频率。

Kevin Gan begin to set his foot into his spiritual journey during his teens, always fascinated with the beauty of crystals, gems and essential oils; curiosity lead him into discovering much more of the universe. Going through many phrases of life, he now walks sharing the understanding that, when we realized we have been through the darkness then we will be able to give attentiveness towards the light. It is all about the courage of acknowledging our fears, and to overcome our chosen lessons. This will lead us to expand together on this earthly plane and co-create a heaven on earth. He now works primarily with the angels and the archangels, also some of the ascended masters and other galactic/cosmic beings, and continuously expanding his consciousness in co-creating workshops, energy sprays and healing sessions.


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