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Being working with lots of different vibrations modalities of healing, from crystals, essential oils, and from the aspects of spiritual beings like the angels and the ascended masters, the fairies are here to share one of their most beautiful gifts of the nature, which is the plants themselves.
They work a little differently from the essential oils and the plants essences which specify in a particular focus of healing, the live plants of any species has one objective, that is to resonate and to anchor in all healings that were done to a participant and continuing holding that space and vibration of healing and love to last longer and stronger.
Plants, grows well in nature, an escape where things are left to be in its most unattainable form, remind us to let go any resistants and just to grow where things are to meant to be at it’s best. We would like to share this passion, and hope that this would encourage you guys to keep some plants in your space, especially in your healing space, you will recognize and feel that, the healing vibrations that we do, will indeed be so much easier to deliver to the participants.
Namaste, and we would want to share an extension of our business of sharing amazing plants and beautiful species. If you would be looking and are attracted to have some of these plants, do let us know in our Carousel’s page below. Thank you!

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