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Grounding & Reconnecting Meditation

⦁    Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, if you would, we would want you to focus on the area your heart.

⦁    Imagine a cord in silver, is travelling down from your heart chakra, towards your solar plexus, sacred chakra, root chakra and down towards the bottom of your feet.
⦁    This silver cord, continue to travel towards to center of the earth, over the layers of the mass of soil, minerals, and organic materials, even over the layers of the lavas and towards the center of the earth, for whatever you are imagining is entire perfect and real.
⦁    Take time to feel the energy of the center of the earth, for that is the energy of the Gaia, picture that energy is travelling back through your silver lining, up back to the layers of earth effortlessly, the same way you came. Until to come back to the surface of the earth, back to your sole of your feet, through your chakras and back to your heart.
⦁    Feel the energy of Gaia is mixing entirely in your heart beautifully, providing you relaxation, feeling more centered and solid, balanced, less tense and less stress.
⦁    Now, imagine another silver cord, is forming from the heart, travelling towards your throat chakra, third eye chakra and out through your crown chakra, up towards the sky, the ozone, and the universe effortlessly, up, up, up continue passing by the planets and the starts, towards the center of your solar system. Whatever you are picturing is absolutely perfect and absolutely real!
⦁    Feel the vibration of the here! You are most warmly welcome here. In you own way, make a connection to this place.
⦁    When you feel you have made the connection to this place, picture this golden solar energy is surrounding you, feeling the absolute beautiful vibration, and embrace the energy within you.
⦁    Now visualized you are flying through the silver cords you came from, through the stars through the planets, and looking at the blue tiny planet, which you call home, the earth.
⦁    Continue flying thought the silver cord, towards the blue planet, pass though the ozone, pass through the clouds, looking at where you came from, towards your country, towards your city and into the building, directly into your crown chakra, your throat chakra and into your heart chakra.
⦁    Feel the warm golden solar energy circulating in your heart, taking a few deep breaths, mixing the both solar energy and the Gaia energy inside your heart.
⦁    For this is the energy of Heaven on Earth, the anchoring of the divine whisper on the planet through you with you and among you. We are ready to serve to bring light to earth to share wisdom to this planet. Namaste!

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