Do you face the following questions in every day of your life:

When can I get out of this meaningless job?

When will I save enough money to buy a house and car?

What exactly is my interest? What kind of job is right for me?

Does she / he like me?

Where is my life going?

Do I want to stay with her / him? Will we bear fruit? and many more. .

Issues in Health (change in lifestyle, addictions), romance (codependency, people pleasing, despair in love) career choices, goal settings, better options: All these question can be seek for answers!

Oracle unlike the tarot cards are powerful, the power of these cards lies in the fact that they open up our senses and sensitivity towards, signs, messages and vibrations, that works to ease and to simplify the connection towards the universe, the angels and the divine. Oracle reading is a form of assisted channeling process and intuitive reading that can directly talk to the angels and the ascended masters.!

Let us know if you are interested to have a personal session with Kevin for a reading. The session can either be in our healing center or distance reading with an email's report.

We also have workshops for Oracle Cards reading from time to time that you can learn to use the oracle cards yourself!



Learn how to use the oracle cards yourself!

What will you learn in this workshop?

∙ What are Oracle cards?
∙ Preparation before an Oracle cards session;
∙ How to interpret the cards with your different senses;
∙ Understanding the 4 clairs and your primary clair;
∙ Oracle cards spreads and how to interpret messages;
∙ How to form a question for an oracle cards reading?
∙ Ground your energy and reconnect to the Source;
∙ How to disconnect from your client on all levels after a reading session?
∙ and lots more includes meditation!




Thank you so much for the fairy tarot cards reading! It's simple, easy to understand and I must say it's really accurate!

The reading do let me have a direction which I shall give myself a try. Thanks again, Kevin! 

Thank you so much for doing the cards reading for me! I was at a point where I wasn't quite sure where to go or if I should even bother with certain things, but this reading let me know which direction to head in and gave me the confidence to head in that direction.
I encourage others to try a reading. Kevin did an amazing job and described the cards well, yet put it simply and easy to understand.

Ce Cy

Kristen Fiske

I have attended Kevin's oracle's card workshop, I am a total beginner. I learnt how to connect with the cards by not just follow reading the features of cards. I gain confidence, brighten our helping in needs and be more loving. I would recommend if any of my friends to learn as it is interesting and fun.

I learn how to feel when looking at the card, the picture, the message, and the key is to say more. I learn to believe in how we feel during the process. Speaking out during the learning process builds my confidence. I would recommend the workshop my friends, because we can learn to see our-self to be as valuable. In this way, everyone's life, feeling of living righteousness, life is sweet.

Tale Kylie

Ms. Tiu


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