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Do you know that you are the best confidant in your life? If you cannot understand yourself, how can you expect others to understand you? Isn't it?

Do you face the following questions in every day of your life:

When can I get out of this meaningless job?
When will I save enough money to buy a house and car?
What exactly is my interest? What kind of job is right for me?
Does she / he like me?
Where is my life going?
Do I want to stay with her / him? Will we bear fruit? and many more. . A slew of questions!

When you face the challenges of life, to whom do you tell your pain and seek answers? Family, friends or colleagues? Did they give you useful advice? Or just become your best listener?

Oracle cards are powerful, the power of these cards lies in the fact that they open up our senses and sensitivity towards, signs, messages and vibrations, that works to ease and to simplify the connection towards the universe, the angels and the divine. Many can say that oracle reading is a form of assisted channeling process! Such powerful tools, are in fact not limited to personal growth but can be shared and can be use to help others!

您是否知道您才是自己人生中最好的知己? 您如果无法理解自己又怎能够期望他人理解您呢? 不是吗?


我到底兴趣是什么? 什么样的工作才合适我?
我是否要继续与她/他在一起? 我们会开花结果吗? 等等。。一箩箩的问题!

当您面对人生的种种挑战时,您是向谁述说您的痛苦和寻求答案? 家人,朋友还是同事呢? 他们是否给到您有用的意见? 或只是成为您最好的聆听者呢?

神谕卡可以帮助我们进入我们的潜意识里和高我与神圣之中寻找答案。 神谕卡适用于个人成长,也可用于帮助和指引他人在人生里找到正确的方向。


Let us know if you are interested to have a personal session with Kevin for a reading. The session can either be in our healing center or distance reading with an email's report.

We also have workshops for Oracle Cards reading from time to time that you can learn to use the oracle cards yourself!





Thank you so much for the fairy tarot cards reading! It's simple, easy to understand and I must say it's really accurate!

The reading do let me have a direction which I shall give myself a try. Thanks again, Kevin! 

Thank you so much for doing the cards reading for me! I was at a point where I wasn't quite sure where to go or if I should even bother with certain things, but this reading let me know which direction to head in and gave me the confidence to head in that direction.
I encourage others to try a reading. Kevin did an amazing job and described the cards well, yet put it simply and easy to understand.

Ce Cy

Kristen Fiske

I have attended Kevin's oracle's card workshop, I am a total beginner. I learnt how to connect with the cards by not just follow reading the features of cards. I gain confidence, brighten our helping in needs and be more loving. I would recommend if any of my friends to learn as it is interesting and fun.

Tale Kylie