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April expansion of consciousness and prayers with Kevin Gan

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Last month, March, we put time and effort in our needs of self care in a meaningful way and we created an opportunity to look inward, we spend most of our time alone, in a way that have the same benefits as to meditation, we looked within ourselves of our true feelings and emotions, that normally we were too busy to acknowledge any of them, we created a chance to forgive ourselves. We let go our ego and negative perceptions of our own, that doesn't serve us any longer.

This month, the divine want to bring us into the attention of the wealth and abundance, what does these words means to you? This may change as we go through the process of cleansing and when we evolved and see things from another perspective and as we let time to allow us to see inward. We may used to see things from a perspective of how much our bank accounts are filled with, what are the business opportunity that is coming to us, what are the luxuries that we could be enjoying that includes amazing gourmet restaurants, branded clothing and artifacts. The awareness of something more important is materialized that goes back to being abundance and wealthy of the basics. That includes a healthy mind, physical body, emotion and the trust in the universe that everything are working in the order of love. Many times we are diluted with temporary happiness of which were not what we really resonated, we took temporary refuge to cover where our eternal bliss are. This is the period we will realized what true abundance and wealth is, a mind that is peaceful and calm, a physical body which is healthy and free from all suffering, emotions that are pure with joy and love and the trust in the unconditional love in the universe.

To understand the true meaning of life is simple, is to play along with the path that we are supposed to play and be at best of our heart no matter what situation we are in. This is when our hunger of satisfaction will come to a conclusion. There is nothing better within the sky of your imagination, there is nothing better within the imagination and perceptions of yours, so you are your sky, and you are your limit. When you put your heart in doing everything, is when you will see everything in beauty of a dance. A dance is a celebration of life, a life no one else will understand but you who will be the most favorable of all.

"I choose to listen inward, and realize what makes the true abundance of my life and I will be at my best to all situations!"

"We would pray: Dear God, as we turn inward we realize that what we truly want in our life is a balance of everything. We know that all the material supports are important, and the extra money and luxuries items are not sins but they are bonuses. However, please help us to realize the important of a peaceful mind, healthy physical body, truthful emotions and the spiritual trust in you and the universe with love. We want to celebrate life, and we want to be the best of ourselves at all time. Thank you!"

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