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February expansion of consciousness and prayers with Kevin Gan

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

In the month of January, the lesson was focusing in receiving love and appreciation. We start to hear the care and love which we didn't used to notice, as we learnt to let go our judgement to others and we open up communications. This is when we accept and receive love and care from others without judging them. This was the real blessing, the real abundance and wealth. And as we move forward along the year 2020, we also feel that we wanted to do something tremendous constructive for our life journey. There are many schemes and ideas for this year, but had yet to be in action. Our souls are always yearning to grow, in many aspects especially in this year, where we are presented in many ways to acknowledging our true desires. We came to realized that conformity to family, social or groups doesn't work as much, we became awaken to who we truly are and what we wanted.

Moving into February, schemes, ideas and desires can be easily disturbed if we do not put into consideration of proper planning and focus. This means some challenges in life! Goal setting and focus becomes important right here. One of the best way to develop a plan is to choose the path of less resistance. This is when we would proceed with plans and ideas that seems that we most love and wanted and also in the same time giving the less difficulty. Some may see this as a choice of a laziness but, the fairies and the angels are sharing that, choosing something that seem easy and less resistance to you doesn't means that it is a lazy choice, in fact it is the joy-est choice. That is why it will seems less difficult to you and you would perform your best. This is the plan and focus for the path of the less resistance, don't be bullheaded.

Another way to look at what is the path of less resistance requires us to understand the word "surrender". Stop resisting to an cause of an authority. The authority right here is our current circumstances that have limited us to all extends that is within our subconscious mind. If we would work with our heart, with the joy-est selves, as long as we let go our drama, our ego and our limiting beliefs. This is when we create extraordinary powers as we surrender and we trust God. With joy, with less resistance and when we don't hold on to something limited but letting it flow to manifest something limitless.

"As simple as making a wish come true!"

"We would pray: Dear God, we know that we are hungry to expand, to learn and to grow in this physical realm as we became more and more clear of who we are and what we wanted. Please guide us to have the authority of letting go our ego, our misconceptions and our negative belief and surrender to the flow of the universe, the flow of yours that we would acknowledged and use that to plan for our goal setting and focus with the path less resistance, we would be able to easily create something limitless."

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