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Spiritual Revolution: How to raise your spiritual vibration?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

(1) Go Beyond Our Reality And Perceptions

Reality are made up of environmental experiences. The awareness and understanding of our life experiences can shape what our reality right now. Everyone is capable of experiencing different kind of lives that are all based on the level of consciousnesses we perceive when we are experiencing our environment. What you thought was right could be wrong, what you assume that was wrong can be right. When we open up possibilities on what could be and not be it is when we could see things without limitation.

(2) Transcend The Duality

We are taught in a system, from our culture, family and also educational wise on things has a polarity, a right and a wrong, cold and hot, fast and slow, tall and short, etc. In fact they are not an opposite of one and another, it is just a scale of measurement and it is still in the same set of unit. In fact, the both polarity is the same energy just vibrating at a different space. What we wanted to make a point that, there is no different of anything and everything, when we less judge and less giving personal opinions, we see things from a perspective without any filtered vision, this is when we see thing as it is. Nature and lives are beautiful themselves. It is when we integrate our visions, things becomes either part of from the duality, which we create from ourselves.

(3) Embrace Your True Desire

True and foremost, the person that we do not judge is our self. Being kind to yourself is not only about pampering yourself, but is to be brave enough to see your true wishes and to let love enter your life without any judgment or hindrance. Knowing the fact that whatever you desire remains true to you, and it will only be only you. Others will not judge you for who you are, but it is you that opened up the channel of judging yourself, and allowing others to make an impact on you of judging yourself.

(4) Expose The Hypocrites

The point here is about acknowledging what are inside you, even it might even be immoral in some cases but we need to transcend the duality. The urge of doing something outside the box, to a point that you might even wanted to hurt yourself or someone else, recite in a reason beneath, that only we acknowledge the fact by not denying the feelings, this is when we allow ourselves to grow from that point of stagnation. We admit that desire, feel defeated, learn from the point of view, if by choice we could grow from there and even if it is something that created an addiction, mentally or physically, we then transcend over the pain.  No suppression, just be real.

(5) Integrating Everything

Carry ourselves, parts of which we could even deem immoral, parts of the holiness of us, part of the joy of us, part of the sadness or us, part of the everything of us to be in a whole us. Do not leave any part of you outside any situations. Be you, living free, feeling amazing.

(6) Elevating Your Vibration

Only then we can lift our vibration up, as we consolidate the everything of us.  We learn our life lesson from all of “ourselves”. Atonement are then happen into all of our bodies system, into our physical body, mind body, emotional body and spiritual body. This is the true increase of vibration in oneself.

(7) Listen To The Heart And Inspired By The Universe

When we are sure and deem not afraid to look into our true desires, when we accept who we are and transcend from that point of elevating our vibrations, we then will be inspired by a set of desires from the universe. We would want to be doing things that naturally will cause the best for the universe, we will act in a form of mass consciousnesses. We will drive from a point of humanity and the galactic elevation of all beings. This is when we will take inspired actions from the universe.

(8) Take Chance On Unity By Being Selfless

Self become not important, intentions are based on being selfless but to unify the mass consciousness and evaluation to create a better world, to create a higher plane and vibration within the earth by taking inspired actions. This is when we call creating “Heaven On Earth”. As the earth’s vibrations are increasing, the chance on mass ascensions becomes a closer step, so do the ascensions of selves become more clear. There will actually be no more the self but the unity of all. This is why mass ascension is same as the traditional concept of enlightenment, when we see nothing but everything.

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