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Spiritual Revolution: "I am enough" is a habit!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

You are enough literally means that you don't have to try too hard to become more value, more worth, more acceptable, or more being loved. It is an awareness or knowings that you already are all of those things.

Many people always think that I am not enough, not lovable enough, not acceptable enough, not worthy enough and start to seek something out there like fame, money and validation. They look out there to feel good about themselves. BUT, even something out there loves you, it doesn't really worked, you still need to look inward, because you have to fall in love with yourself first.

Being "I am enough", is not about doing things to get where you want to show to other people, but it is about doing things because it's you. This is when we see things from another point of view, loving yourself is not a decision, and not an awakening but it is a habit! Because it is simply just you! If you do not have enough self esteems, no amount of anything external that you seek will able to give you self esteems.

In short, make things a habit rather than doing things with wrong intention. Start making a habit if you seek to improve current situation, but not forcing your mind and intention for doing things that ultimately not for yourself. The results might be the same but with a different mindset. You want the do the best at the moment that you can. But not choosing situation to be who you are not.

How can we build a "I am enough" habit? Likewise, every habits needs to be learn and re in-forced.

1. Start realizing your true motive for every goal set. Why do I picked up something new? Why do I try to lost weight? Why I want to make more money? By realizing that you are in a wrong side of the step is the first step to make things right.

2. Start with an incredibly small insertion of habit by putting a new mindset accessing the situation that you are in, that you are pushing yourself to do something because you wanted to seek something outside of you to feel good about it, or are you doing it within your own comfort, that take things one step at a time, because you feel good doing it!

3. Increase your new habit in very small ways. Pay attention to your feelings too. DO you love the change? Does it feel good doing these things? Reassess your stands and make changes if you do not like it, be true to yourself! I am doing it because I like it!

4. As you build up, know that you are the one who build your own self-esteem. Because every situation seems to be in your hands, that you feel so good at achieving them without external projection judgments.

5. Take your time, it is a practice.

6. You are enough! That you don't have to try too hard to become more value, more worth, more acceptable, or more being loved. Because you set your own values. Knowing this point become the ultimate imprint of the new habit and the worth of doing them.

In a way, I felt that this is really important to share. Because this way of looking at life help us to let go of the stress of trying to be enough, help us relax and reduces anxiety instead of wondering how we can keep up the pretense of who we feel we are supposed to be around others. We start to feel that people show us respect because we gained our self-esteem. We make room for the people who love us for real because we are truthful and we form deeper, more authentic, and meaningful relationships.

Many love and Blessings.

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