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Spiritual Revolution: It's okay not to be okay...

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Sometimes we just know that we are indeed not okay. Being in situations of trying to comprehend vase different life circumstances, in which most of the reasons are due to we are unable to process what circumstances are happening around us for us to digest.

In a way things just doesn't make sense to a bit towards our understanding and perceptions. However, these are things that are just affecting us, within us, only because its from our own perceptions.

We learn so hard to make choices, to determine what we want in life, and to make judgements towards the best for ourselves. These process creates pain and suffering. This is when we will give power towards our ego, and temporary perceptions towards what makes us happy! They are still justifications.

If we were to in tune with our soul's self without any ego, we were then able to stop determine the judgements from our past experiences, and to stop creating choices that leads to suffering! Its very oxymoronic to say this, but when we use our judgements to choose what is best for us is when we allow ego to take place to create more suffering towards our life.

Freewill creates pain.

Events are neutral, they do not creates any polarity of any judgmental circumstances, its our perceptions that creates labels towards the events, and this re-create pain within ourselves.

Each individual has their own capability of perceiving the same event at different pace, and understanding. Perceptions of each of us is different. Things happen, but each of us are reacted in different ways. Just believed that we will slowly learn them. If we are able to allow our ego to be asleep is when we are able to trust the divine process is on it's way.

Things unfold with their pace. Trusting the Divine's process is the key. I will put one hand in my pocket. There is not absolute in everything. BUT only mere experiences.

Remember everything that happen is only within your own perception. It's about your own responsibility to make-sure yourself is safe and protected and nothing else. And we have to trust through these processes, its the only way we can grow and learn. Don't get lost and don't give up.

Because you just need someone to listen, and remember, I am always here for you, and yes please do DM me if you need an help or sharing. Blessing always.

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