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January expansion of consciousness and prayers with Kevin Gan

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

According to the vibration from the fairies and the angels, year 2019 has been ended with beautiful awakening and challenges that we have less experienced from the past. That is something that opens up our consciousness in a way, that makes us truly understand who we are. We come to a point of realization of what truly matter to us, and we know that many of our perceptions were skewed in the past, things that we see were wrong, now doesn't affect us to any extend of all. The year 2019, open ups our awakening of understanding that love can help heal past hurts and provides a sense of security, self-worth and importance. We come to understand that we really do care is about being in love, in all matters, to be joyful, and it is also about knowing our ego-less desires.

Going into the year 2020, especially in the month of January, the issue of receiving love and appreciation is being spotlight from the fairies and the angels. Sometimes we do not feel love from people around us, or even people around us just tend to disconnect from our vibrations, why? The main reason do not lies in other people, as quote "as above, so below" aphorism associated with sacred geometry, Hermetic-ism, and the Tarot, whatever that is happening outside actually were created within our inner world of perceptions and intention. We feel disconnected because we halted love, or appreciation from others by not receiving love, care intention from others. Love is something beautiful that is available all the time and one of the reason that we do not feel love is because we do not want to receive it. Accepting something lovingly from others is a way of showing love too, so we could get connected again. This allow the bond of love to be built between people. Love is not a singular noun, but a vibration that connects everyone.

Relationships issues and connection is something that we are learning, and kept learning, it is not something we could make conclusion in a single meditation, or a single discussion, rather a journey that each of us have made promises to go through together. The angels and the fairies ask us to look beyond the ego that recites within us, but to feel and vibrate with who we truly are that is knowing our pure desires, beautiful and with contentment and joy, these are actually the true soul desire of ours, without judgement and without ego. Things that make us happy without any suppression, things that do not judge, things that do not have any polarity, things that brings love together, things about just being and most importantly things that could not be question with a but.

"Remember, its a journey, that keeps going!"

"We would pray: Dear God, please guide us through the hurdle of truth, let us know it is okay to listen within, so that we would start to accept and receive love and care from others without judging them. All the relationships and connections with the people around us could get better with your blessings. We also understand that this is a journey that will gets better and we know that we are here to love, to share and to learn together."

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