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July expansion of consciousness and prayers with Kevin Gan

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

As we put into attention and investment of what is best for our well-being and wanting to change for a better, our intellectual mind may deceive us in way that could put us down, we may starts to feel bad about ourselves, that leads to old toxins like anger, blame and guilt. Our masculine side of our being are the energy charge of many creations in our life, also it is easily affected by bad toxins if we allow our ego to take charge.

As for the month of July, the energy of removing bad toxins is the main focus. Many pass events may resurface and causes guilt, blame or anger. This is just the manipulation of our ego-tic selves that drove the self compassion away from us. No matter what are the pass events, everything can be cleared as long as our perceptions allows it. Feeling guilty, anger and blaming others is the sign of loosing compassion to self and others. Being compassionate is about accepting everything has a purpose that leads to the intention of the soul and monad without any judgement and personal opinions. Being compassionate is not about being sympathy, but it is a value of being able to accept anything and anyone without any opinions and see that everything is already perfect.

One of the best way to remove bad toxins is to convert them into life's lesson. To say rather easy, to clear ourselves from bad energy of guilt, blame and anger is not about letting them go and just do a simple clearing intention. It is about converting them into the "golden nugget"of life, that not only will help us in removing negative energy but also transform us into better person. We need to "look into it" acknowledge it and from that we have compassion in it and embrace it to make it valuable, and this is the lesson that will help us to grow instead.

Decisions are not easy. But it can be done easily. Simple, choosing something less resistance, choosing peace. Your intellectual mind may play tricks with you, but choose what you feel that is most comfortable to you "at that moment" do not make decision based on guilt from the past or any aspiration for the further, "No what if?". Listen to your heart!

Hope these will be able to guide all of us in our promising journey together, for the better tomorrow with full of joy and love.

"I choose to look into any guilt and anger within me and transform them into life lesson, knowing that it will make me stronger, and I choose with my heart, and I choose peace!"

"We would pray: Dear God, please help us to be able to transform any negative energies of blame, guilt and anger and know that is it our life lesson that will make us stronger. Please also allow us to see clearly what is the best options for us that will bring peace and joy!"

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