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June expansion of consciousness and prayers with Kevin Gan

It was not an easy journey, who said it was? But we can assure that it is a promising journey, as there will be light after darkness. As we reluctantly choose try to let go of our ego about our past perceptions about life, and wanting move forward to blend in the new world and era, challenges never stop from coming. What can we do to overcome or ease this process? This month we are going to share a few steps we could take to help us in going through this together.

As for the month of June, the energy of renewal is here, where flowers are blooming, and you may notice the start of many things, slowly but promising. One of the most important thing to create something is to understand the law of attraction, and that brings in the ideology of a Hawaiian Huna sharing that says that "MAKIA - Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. Whatever you spend most of your conscious and unconscious time thinking off, will grow in your reality". So it is really important where do we put our thoughts, we all do want happiness and well-being don't we? Spend time, reconstruct your desire in life, imagine them, feel them and do it like it has already happen. Goal setting and vision board is very good for this as they help us in looking the big picture at a clearer vision.

At some point, we may feel like giving up sometimes. Human are easily distracted if they do not receive any rewards. We are certain that everyone, yeah, pretty much everyone at some point their life has felt that way, when you feel nothing ever goes right, will ever go right. That's the essence of what it is you're saying. Sadly, an unnerving number of people go ahead, listening to those feelings and acting on them. Well, the angels wanted to remind us that, it is because we never have the attention to look for the good in things. Which human are always entrapped in looking at what they are missing only. Look for the signs! Pay attention to the small details around you that you have been rewarded. Your hard-work get paid off! When you notice you are truly blessed, and that is what keeps you going.

All of us are making the same progress together, towards the new world, a new era, where humans speaks the real joy, where we would never hurt ourselves, and where we would treasure and be grateful to all happenings and everyone. This creates the world that is full of gratitude. Ask for help, if you would have encountered any challenges, everyone around you is ready to help you. Asking for help doesn't mean that we are weak, but to accept help really means we are ready to change for a better. This open up our blocks and make things a lot easier!

Hope these will be able to guide all of us in our promising journey together, for the better tomorrow with full of joy and love.

"I choose to put attention in creating a promising journey that is full with excitement, love an joy that feed my soul, and I will be gratitude in noticing the signs and rewards of my journey and I am open to ask for help so I could be open up for a change!"

"We would pray: Dear God, please help us to see and put into attention and investment of what is best for our well-being, help us in noticing the signs and rewards you have been giving to us so that we will keep going and also help us to be willing to accept help from others, despite our ugly ego, so we could change for a better!"

If you are interested to get a personal reading from Kevin Gan, please write to us, (distance reading can be arranged). We also provide oracle reading workshops from time to time. Thank you!

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