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March expansion of consciousness and prayers with Kevin Gan

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

In the month of February, we learn to surrender to the flow of the universe and use that as plans for our goal setting and focus with the path less resistance. When we stop resisting to a cause of an authority. The authority right here is our current circumstances that have limited us to all extends that is within our subconscious mind. When we would work with our heart, with the joy-est selves, as long as we let go our drama, our ego and our limiting beliefs we create magic. We also understand that during these time of "battles" within ourselves and always try our best to surrender, things happened, and we may be tired, lethargic and need to recharge. Moving into March, it is always best to give ourselves time to give self care. Self care is important. Reward yourself with things you have been dreaming of having. It may not be necessarily something we needed to spend money on. Can be time you give yourself to finish a book? Time to spend time to lose weight and go to the gym? Time to pay attention to eat healthy? These are all the things we could do that are actually meaningful in a way to you. As we start to listen in our needs of self care in a meaningful way, we create an opportunity to forgive because we gave time to listen. To forgive is a way to let go negative perceptions of our own, that doesn't serve us any longer. As we learn to forgive ourselves, others or even situations we release unforgiving thoughts, feelings and energies, and this would lift us up to higher state of peacefulness and compassion. This is a very powerful chance besides rewarding ourselves, but open up windows of forgiveness and state of peace and compassion. Another way to reward ourselves which are very meaningful is to take time of to go the nature and just spend time doing nothing. You will start to realize things you never would have notice. You would start to listen to the heartbeat within yourself that you would have rarely felt. The nature is simple, doing the right things given with the correct conditions. There are actually nothing we would need anymore, its really about stop searching what you want and start realizing what you already have.

"I choose to reward myself, I listen and I forgive!" "We would pray: Dear God, we know that we would love to spend some time rewarding ourselves, doing meaningful things and listen to our inner needs, and thank you for giving this opportunity to realize what we need to let go and forgive what have already past, so we could be at a higher place of peace and compassion." If you are interested to get a personal reading from Kevin Gan, please write to us, (distance reading can be arranged). We also provide oracle reading workshops from time to time. Thank you!

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