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May expansion of consciousness and prayers with Kevin Gan

Due to the mass awakening and vibration that triggers so hardly during the period of the month of April, we were constrained into situations that lead us into listening inward, and realizing what makes the true abundance of our life and I bet that we did what was best for us in all situations. We gained many insight and awakening, we become the master of our true happiness. However, something deep down plays a part of our own-selves, the part of which was built over years, a stronghold of ego that still causes us to feel the pain and not wanting us to move forward. We know that changes are always good, an yet the sparks only come when we make the decision to move forward.

As for the month of May, the energy of the fairy are very prominent, together with the divine, they are revealing to us to that the only way to move forward is to make a decision. A decision about letting go the past. Move your consciousness forward from your ego, anything that was created in the past for an absolute answer feeds to the mass of your ego. You need to be able to remove all of your past perceptions and be with your current mind that leads to present joy.

Humans consciousness are continuously looping into past moments that they are carrying that they regret or they longing. These are painful moments to let your mind travel to the past and yet unable to do anything about it. Of such these perceptions created a visioned illusions for any current happenings nor opportunities. This skewed the perfect mind and current moment. The way to totally wake up is easy, make your decision and never use that visioned spectacles again, surrendering them lead you to your total awakening. Don't tie your consciousness to the pass but make present with all current aspirations. Do what you could for now, just decide to move forward.

All of us are making the same progress together, towards the new world, a new era, where humans speaks the real joy, where we would never hurt ourselves, and where we would treasure and be grateful to all happenings and everyone. This creates the world that is full of gratitude. And this leads to sharing, and serving the humanity, because we know that happiness comes when we are doing things together as a whole society, country and humanity.

We may not yet ready to perceive what are the best for us, but we could trust the divine and the fairies have already dictate the most beautiful plan for everyone. Many of us may start to get use to this lifestyle and adopting to it even it is causing some degree of pain inside, but we trust that as long as we put the decision of moving forward and living in the now we will be able to fully live in the world, the new era.

"I choose to make a decision to let go my ego that was my past perceptions about life, so I could move forward and live in the new world and era that will bring happiness joy and gratitude to my life!"

"We would pray: Dear God, please help us to have the courage to make the decision to move forward and let go whatever that doesn't serve us anymore, so we could live in the present and be truly aspired to live in the current moment of joy and happiness and thank you for bringing this new earth and era to us, that is 100% more loving and joyful and full with gratitude!"

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