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November expansion of consciousness and prayers with Kevin Gan

Despite being the hardest time, many of us still find the happiness in doing simple and small little things. Family, friends and love ones are spending more time together, and this is actually a good sign, for growth of the human being. Sometimes, we are just too engulfed to find a concluded answer about everything. Last month we have shared that, life is about living experience and not seeking explanations! Fun and live life is one of the way to practice this. However, human are easily distracted from paying attention towards the goodness around them.

In this period of time, great waves of love has been sent throughout all consciousness into our heart and mind, that awaken our love for life itself. This creates a vibrations of love among us. An awakening of love within all our relationships. Some of you may have encounter by new romance, or the realization family/parental love, reconsolidation of relationships, social love, which enhances the magnitude of love for life. The key here is to allow ourselves to spontaneously celebrate love in all of its glorious aspects. Some aspect of us may still have issues to hold us back from this marvelous magnification of love, forms of blocked perspective of personal justification. The vibration of love always see things from a perspective of love and kindness, same goes to us, only then we will create and share beautiful items and consciousness with the people around us.

Pay attention to the signs of love around you! Sometimes our subconsciousness may stop us from seeing the real picture, but signs are repetitive, if anything triggered you for more than once, and that means its something there to give attention to.

Our egoistic perceptions act in two ways; block us to see what's the truth for our soul journey, but it also serve as a trigger point for otherwise for us to realize the good. In this case, is to notice the love around us, our clouded mind maybe preventing us to experience the love, but in a way, and we might find reasons to misguide our realization of love, from this we will realize the trigger points, from what made us unable to accept or not to accept this love. We are constantly being remind that we are always being loved and never alone. It was our justification and perceptions that holds back the reason for us to love, at least there is nothing right and nothing wrong in the perspective of your feeling of care and love.

When you realized what hold you back, is the time you can love truthfully, at least love was never selfish, never personal and never obsessive.

This situation brings us the opportunity to heal, grow and release negative patterns, as we learn to allow love to come into our lives. Stop finding excuses and reason for why not, instead go ahead with your feelings and loving thoughts, they can never be wrong. Hold the intention of seeing the other person's goodness. Then you will realize there is no one you cant love, and all your unforgiving thoughts, feelings and energies will be lift away to have you in peace and compassion.

Hope these will be able to guide all of us in our promising journey together, for the better tomorrow with full of joy and love.

"I allow all forms of love to come into my life, I realize the signs that showing in my life, I put attention towards my feelings, I also listen to my ego, and how can I deal with it so, this will create beautiful opportunity for me to heal, grow, release negative patterns and create love in my life!"

"We would pray: Dear God, please guide us to be able to listen to our ego that block us from realizing love is around us all the time, show us signs that is so strong that we will choose to love instead being suppressed by our negative patterns, so we can use this opportunity for forgiveness and growth!"

Prayers are strong and I witnessed them effectively 100%. Remember you can pray for anything or anyone. Prayers works because you allow good things to work. Simple.

If you are interested to get a personal reading from Kevin Gan, please write to us, (distance reading can be arranged). We also provide oracle reading workshops from time to time. Thank you!

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