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October expansion of consciousness and prayers with Kevin Gan

There is enough of searching, and start living. Maintaining positive mindset, and have the courage to look within ourselves even the darkest parts create opportunity to let go our past if we did acknowledge it. We keep the lessons and leave everything behind, even our own justification, which is really not important at all. It will change over time.

“Don’t seek explanations of life, just seek experiences!”

How about some time to "play"? We have been too seriously searching for every meaning in life, that we forgot, life is not about searching for any meaning, but to make everything has a meaning to it. When was the last time you would be able to let go your ego and just have fun? It is time to set aside what that seems serious to you for a while. Don't worry. Playfulness and laughter will enhance your inner child, and it will create opportunity for healings, and we all know that being playful open up any blocks and suppression. This is one of the method when we will be friend with your darkest enemy, which is yourself too?

"When you returned, you will get a renewed perspective and heighted energy!"

As we are being more open towards our life, we are able to surrender control, which limited us towards our growth. Human nature is afraid of being lonely and losing control of what they expect and want. This creates an emotional addiction of wanting to control. And this creates our perception and belief system. This is how we will feel the world. This is where the fear comes in and take over. Just because we are afraid of losing something, that we didn't initially have, we miss the opportunity to excel.

When we are tap into our playfulness self, we create a perspective of innocent and less ego, we will not judge and we are able to let go and accept. This situation brings us the chance to heal grow and release negative patterns.

Hope these will be able to guide all of us in our promising journey together, for the better tomorrow with full of joy and love.

"I know that it is okay to be playful, this tap in our innocent selves that is less ego, and this creates opportunity for us to forgive our pass and so that we could stop to seek for justification for everything but to live in the moment with a truthful meaning!"

"We would pray: Dear God, please guide us to be able to let go our ego by being playful and with lots of laughter, so we can be our innocent selves again, without any ego and suppressions, so we can use this opportunity for forgiveness and growth!"

Prayers are strong and I witnessed them effectively 100%. Remember you can pray for anything or anyone. Prayers works because you allow good things to work. Simple.

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