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Spiritual Revolution: Back to basic

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Back to basic March 2, 2020 Kevin Gan

Dear all spirit's enthusiasts or, we shall name you the life's enthusiasts. We the Great Brahma, God of the creator are here to assist you to endeavor this beautiful journey. The earth been through many open wounds recently. Things that are happening seems to be out of control. Some may see this as an era of chaos but from this, is this destruction? Or this is a chance to climb higher together and to evolve? We do not deny that the energy is moving very fast. To a point ascensions will not be something mundane, instead it becomes inescapable if you all are wanting to stay here. To all the angels and the light workers, we understand there is work to do to make healing to this earth, this dimension, but please do not be mislead by only this focus. To make healing to this earth is not just about doing good to it. Earth is a planet, and it is a place where we all are connected through this dimensions, it consists of many energies. It is not a place that are only built from the core, mantle, layers of rocks, inorganic and organic materials, the vibrations, the space, but also it consists of you and all other living beings and other beings. To bring healing to this space, firstly you should look within.

Many of you have already know this, but yet still how many of you are practicing this beautiful logic? The importance of back to basic, to be able to make solid your foundation as a light worker, balancing the 4 bodies is compulsory. Before you would have do good outside, please pay attention inside. To ensure you are living in grace and in the blessings of the creator, free and able to see above all chaos, you need to be able to make peace with your emotional body, mental body, physical body and spiritual body. Let us explain more of each body:-

The Emotional Body

To help build the emotional body are expressing gratitude to the people who are good to you, not gossiping, and surrounding yourself with people who love you.

The Mental Body

To build the mental body are having a habit of reading books or any materials and create something or write something daily.

The Physical Body

To build the physical body exercise is such is such an important part of it. Maintaining a healthy diet is also an important aspect of developing the physical body.

The Spiritual Body

Practicing mindfulness to develop the spiritual body. When we think of mindfulness, many of us immediately look to meditation. It is beyond that. It is a connection of all other living things been you at the center. It is a body of awareness and perspective.

Dear children, if you would pay attention to one of my forms that make the image of the 4 faces, for this is the form of my avatar that represent the 4 bodies. With 4 faces and 4 pair of hands. Many innocent people knew us as the 4-face Buddha. In fact, we belongs to the class of God and not Buddha, therefore it will be more proper to call us 4 faces God or the Great Brahma. These aspects of us are exactly the same with the 4 bodies of which is crucial for your development and the ascension of this planet.

Front view: Business and Wealth (Emotional Body)

Left hand side: Wisdom (Mental Body)

Back view: Health (Physical Body)

Right hand side: Relationship and interpersonal (Spiritual Body)

These development of the basic enable all of you to be able to make this planet a better place. Creating a higher vibration on this planet. Again we would want to urges all of you who are now concerning the condition of this planet to know this, as more of you are able to withstand and make responsible for your own development of all the bodies, the more of you will increase the vibration of this planet and the more of the ascension this world will be. The angels are also here to assist all of here in this process. Given they are the blessings from the Divine, ask for their help if you require any focus and development of managing your own 4 bodies.

The significance of the 4 faces of the us was to offer help to all cry from all directions to attend to any slightest request for help, to see to it that everything was just and fair, to release all mood and gloom of the human behavior as wished. If you were to pay attention to our specific significant in the religious items held by our hands of the posture. Each religious item significance was interpreted as follow:

1) Book:              Represents knowledge

2) Bead:              Represents Control Karma

3) Spear Stick:    Represents will power

4) Flower Vase:   Represents blessing water (all requests are fulfilled)

5) Conch Shell:   Represents offer of wealth

6) Mystic position of hand placed on chest:  Represents offering compassion

7) Flying wheel:  Represents clearing of disaster and calamities, suppress evil, release all gloominess and worries; Cakka

8) Cinta Mani:     Represents Almighty power of Buddha

We the creator also know as the Great Brahma, with this aspect, we urge all of you dear children to look within before you could reach out, you would only burnt-out. How much can you do when your energy level is not ready. Not ready to bring the vibration of this planet to a higher state. Everyone have their own responsibility to function in this planet. We know you can bring beautiful energy and service to this mankind, but are you willing to do something for yourself? Now you know that this will eventually help the entire planet, do practice what have we shared. Anytime if you would want to connect to us, come to our shrine, we will certainly give our most blessings to you. Even that, just the intention is good enough, to have we to give you blessings.

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