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Spiritual Revolution: Everything has a place in doing good...

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The journey of life is rather bumpy, but again life without any bumps, it doesn't makes you grow any wiser. You will just be the you of you, without the opportunity to realize any of your potentials. Things happens for a reason, and each time its for the good, if only you decide to see it that way!

There are many ways to illustrate about "Everything has a place in doing good", I'm not sure why I would bring this topic in relation to understanding of my spiritual journey throughout the years, but I hope at the end of this sharing, we will have a open mindset of accepting everything in a way are doing good in their own ways.

Let's get started by discussing the idea of level of consciousness. In practical, we still do grading. Low vibration vs high vibration. In ways of old teachings, to new age and even science, we compare with scales, which is higher, which is lower and many more, are these scale really valid? Why there has to be a correlation for even level of consciousness, it is to compare? Which is better? In many ways these leads to duality and ego, again and again. What about, we just say that we don't know, and we only know what is best for us at the time of being?

There are issues going around ALWAYS in the spiritual seeker community, saying who's better and who's teaching the right stuffs or who's doing things that are supposed to be obsolete. In the time of darkness, fear arise, and doubts become clearly shown, which are already embed in humans; becomes noticeable and obvious. Even me, and being through the darkness.

When I was bought by the idea of new age, I would secretly condemn about religions, and how they are actually human's made-up for political agenda, and to give false hope to people. My idea was, the religions are trying to control the people from freedom of expanding their consciousness, suppress them with fear and manipulative mindset for political reasons. NOW, I would like to pull back my words.

Later, I come to an agreement within myself saying that new age is actually satanic, and the idea of manifesting is devil because it focuses on my-will rather than the universal-will of non-duality which serve the ego. What define the real spirituality? So, the new age teaches about free-will, about create your own world, seek for power within, and more metaphysical stuffs like energy healing, crystal healing, witchery, white magic, and these are the things that people are rushing for, the special of being different. In a way, from many perspective, this is power chasing and yet, who are we to justify?

In this case, I learnt something very valuable, I pull back my words for saying new age is not the correct teaching too. Because in whatever level I am right now, that believes, in fact, is also a system exactly like new age and will be another sad episode that when we move forward again in the future. Then we will say it's something not right again. What make sense to us now will change tomorrow. What is right today can be wrong tomorrow it will change again as our perception shift.

These just doesn't apply to my spiritual journey story, it applies to all areas in our life.

As when we are not in the vibration of same alignment, our justification change to make excuses so that we feel that we are better, which is another sad episode of actual suffering.

The truth is, everything have it's truth and are fixed on its own to serve to make sense to people who goes with it. After all what we are searching is only peace and love.

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