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Spiritual Revolution: How does solar eclipse affect one vibrationally?

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

We all know that to all the extends how the position of the stars, sun and moon will affect individuals, and even groups, a country or even everyone in some ways that can be similar or an individualistic experience. The study of such tremendous information is called astrology. For thousand of years these information has been passed down to help many of us understand better of ourselves. How would the position of the stars, sun and moon affect our well-being? Many have says that it is due to the gravitational force that affect the microbiological chemicals in our human's body. However, this is not backup in science, but we do witness the change in Ocean Tides due to the moon's effect. Without further ado, let's talk about how did the solar eclipse affected some parts of UAE, India and South East Asia's vibrations. We always thought of the solar eclipse is something to be discussed as a dark energy, black Omens or even challenges. The energy that is affecting this time is on the 26th of December 2019. Which is a day after the Christmas's celebration. Many of us are actually already feeling this intense challenge of vibrations activation a week or two earlier. Things that doesn't used to bother you will become easily agitated for no reason. You started questioning your life and you would just feel empty for many cases. This period of time might have cause you to quarrel with people around you, questioning on your condition of life, start realizing who are your real friends, doing random things because you were not focused, and many more. The very reason of this vibration of solar eclipse is not just only about looking at the dark side of the spectrum and make it as a bad Omen, rather a spiritual awakening chance to look at the life we would really wanted without suppression and distillation. It is a period of vibration that is affecting everyone. It is a chance for improvement given to individuals or the whole nation.How would we overcome this challenges? This is something I always share to people around me and even to remind myself is to be grateful. This is the most beautiful energy from the Christmas spirit, I am not talking about the birthday of Jesus Christ, but the spirit that hold the celebration together. This is also a reason why eclipse happened a day after the Christmas Day and affect us weeks before. So, being grateful, and give attention towards what we appreciate, we will be contented and we know we will be happy when we see what are the greatness in everything. When we open ourselves towards gratefulness, we open up our vision of healing and accepting ourselves in all situations. Nothing is impossible. Nothing actually is needed to be done. Just nothingness. Pay more attention to what is around us that make us feel grateful, satisfied and eventually everything can be resolved. This is what life is all about, learning and growing up.

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