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Spiritual Revolution: How does your chakras (Vital Points) affect your well-being?

Do you know?

Any unpleasant emotions, such as anger, may cause irregular heart rhythms. This leads to stress, and can be harmful to your heart. If a person are under stressful condition, the person may have blood pressure and heart rate going up. Negative emotions may also affect lifestyle habits, which in turn can increase heart disease risk.

In a way, whatever that we felt, can transcribe into signalling our subconsciousness mind to have a response. If we feel pain for a situation, our brain will install on something like what should we avoid next? This create a response inside our subconsciousness mind, and this created a perspective which we never have before. This could be in a negative manner. As, this new perspective may have linger within us, creating a response to future aspirations but affected by past unpleasant emotions. Do not get me wrong, the mind could also have positive visions and dreams created for our future aspirations.

The good thing is we all have a sensitive sensor which is the gut instinct, or intuition, is our immediate understanding of something; there's no need to think it over or get another opinion that you will just know. However, sometimes that your subconscious program is so strong that it is trying to intervene your gut feeling about something. This may cause discomfort at our gut. Our gut is empowered in response that is closest to the heart for doing what does the heart really felt. The gut is the driving force and vitality.

After a long run of suppression, we could lost to hear our real voice. Our voice that truly trumpet our desires either fades or over reacted. What are we saying here literally is pointing at our throat. Everything are interconnect in a way of energetically or even biochemistry and hormonal.

As such, do we channel our desire in the manner of our well-being since we choose to suppress our voice? Are we acknowledging what we feel and expressing them into art and creativity? Or we chooses the path of miss-treating our desires that numb us. As we choose to expressing our desire into art and creativity, our intention leads the path into acknowledging what our gut feeling really felt and correcting our false believes and initiate recovery progress to our heart.

Of such, the important and basic thing is all about feeling safe in wherever we are right now, physically, mentally and emotional and have a beautiful connection to the mass-consciousnesses of creation with infinite and unconditional values and love.

Crown - Infinite , Root - Feeling Safe, Sacral - Expressing, Third eye - Perspective, Solar Plexus - Gut, Throat - voice and lastly Heart - Heart.

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