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Spiritual Revolution: How to deal with your desires and so to create less suffering?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The Buddha said human's desires creates suffering, which is right, but, desire is something that keeps us to stay alive too. There are scientific studies that have proven on dopamine-deficient mice, which is a mice that is lack of feeling desire; do not eat enough to survive and die at 3 weeks of age. What keeps us going at our daily routines and experiencing life is powered by our desires; the urge of staying alive and to do something more.

Although, each of our basic desires are similar, is to survive, but human capabilities of going further to desire more creates a more complex needs due to complex feelings that we are able to experience. This can lead to so many possibilities of life circumstances, and even creates suffering. Our motivation of life events and sustainability are all powered by desires alone. However, sometimes you may feel like doing something at a moment and you may totally let it go in another time. But have you wonder why? So, what is a right desire? and what is a momentary desire?

Understands our needs and desires is the first step to make clear and take charge of our well-being. It is not about self controlling and suppression. Instead its about letting it out and make clear decision on what is happening within without any judgements. First we need to understand it is a real desire or momentary desire.

As we will classify desire a little bit different from the public, the objective about this sharing is to feed you guys with a quick tool on how to handle your desire when you meet them. As for real desire, it is something that recites within you for a long time, something that you wanted. Take an instance,"I would love to have a red luxury car for a long long time, does this mean this is a real desire or momentary desire?"This is a real desire just because I have been wanting it for a long time. There is a quick guide, the 90 seconds rule, "According to Harvard brain scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, ninety seconds is all it takes to identify an emotion and allow it to dissipate while you simply notice it. ... For those chemicals to totally flush out of the body, it takes less than 90 seconds". As such, if you are desired to do something wait for 90 seconds, feel you emotions and then decide. This way, we are guided not to make any rushing decisions based on momentarily desires.

Secondly, for real desire, not everything brings the sweetness, as Buddha said, it is the desires that creates suffering. So how can we try to make peace, or reduce this suffering? Same answer, understand your needs and desire. This time the 90 seconds rules cannot be used anymore. We then will be talking about the concept of using discernment. We discern our desire, by understand them, not by logic thinking, but with your emotion, "ask your heart". This is when the battle begins, what is within our mind cannot comprehend what is within our heart. This may leads to suppressed desires and down the road, many bad experiences and suffering. The suffering is created from your inner battle of mind and heart. That is why connecting both heart and the brain is crucial, to reduce your inner battle and bring tranquility to your well-being. The logic minds, are created by your pass experiences, (not the truth), this is only your perception. On the other hand, you heart knows how you feel, being 100% authentic, because there is no judgement.

Thirdly, make peace and settle for a conclusion. This statement itself brings the magic. Settle for a in between agreement within your self based on your logic mind and your heartfelt desires. Go in between, by having self conversation, and be firm about this decision.

Do not give too much to the head, but do not totally give away listening to only your heart. You goal is to make peace within both of them, to reduce the impact of inner conflict that leads to suffering!

Our perceptions will switch again, from time to time, what make sense to us right now will not be the same tomorrow. There is no a final conclusion for any subject, but a continual debate and conversations within ourselves. The goal is to reduce the conflict and start to have the conversation within ourselves. The tranquility is within us.

Just to share a little more...

but subjective to our consciousness and awareness. That is elevating our perception about life as a practice helps us with this inner conflicts too. Only then we can lift our vibration up, as we consolidate the everything of us. We learn our life lesson from all of “ourselves”. Then, atonement will happen into all of our bodies system; into our physical body, mind body, emotional body and spiritual body. This is the true increase of vibration in oneself.

When we are sure and deem not afraid to look into our true desires, when we accept who we are and transcend from that point of elevating our vibrations, we then will be inspired by a set of desires from the universe. We would want to be doing things that naturally will cause the best for the universe, we will act in a form of mass-consciousnesses.

Not my will but yours be done.

We will drive from a point of humanity and the galactic elevation of all beings. This is when we will take inspired actions from the universe.

I hope this may give a hand to all of us, many love and blessings.

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