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Spiritual Revolution: How to have better relationships?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

If you are the kind of person that have issues with most people around you, or you would feel that some people dislike you, or even some odd cases, out of the blue, people just distance away from you.....It was not because they are acting you out a bummer, but it is you whom set out boundaries of not letting the communication in. We often heard complaints about stuffs like, my co-workers backs-stabled me, some of the people badmouthed me, or just people and friends would suddenly stop talking to me (they just don't feel like). There can be ample reasons why these situation can occur however they are all due to one starting point that we will share more.

Before getting to a place to talk about the main reason of these situations, one must understand the flow of what is communication and vibe projection while interaction with someone, despite being the movie star that able to act in whatever role they would play in a movie, we are indeed like one in a real life. How we project our vibe while talking to someone, they will feel it indefinitely, even that we are acting. If this is the case, whatever that are in our mind, even we do not speak of them, or choose to interact in that manner, subconsciously we will create a vibe projection towards the recipient and they would absorb it even without any awareness creating a shift in their subconscious mind that matches what you would projected initially.

So, this means that whatever we have in our "thoughts" of someone actually create a limiting interactions within the communication towards that person. As prolonged projections of such vibes and limiting beliefs with people around us, this would gradually creates a error in our projections and communications, an invisible monster. Holding thoughts about other people within ourselves and try to complement within our own belief system is what we can call as being "judgmental". As such, when we judge someone, is when we let in the chances of creating more of these bad situations.

Every living being are created in their own way, and each of us are brought to a point of existence and time uniquely. Whatever that you are experiencing might be different from another even they would given the same situation. For whatever that you may deem wrong can be right to another. We are all the children of the universe, each experiencing different path of expressions for the expansion of the universe, everything happened for a reason. As such, there is no point to be judgmental of anything that may seems right or wrong to us as in the prescriptive of others could be possibility not the same as ours.

As we project our judgement to others, we set a limiting belief of others which creates a limiting communication and hence negative imprint and vibe projection. Let us sit in and contemplate, who is the one that did the initial invitation for people to hate us, talk bad about us and backstab-ed us? Or..... did we already judge them before they would project such energy back to us?

If you do not understand, do not judge, if you cannot judge just accept, and if you cannot accept just love.
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