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Spiritual Revolution: Inner peace

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Inner peace March 31, 2020 Kevin Gan

Dear Children,

We understand the fears, the anxieties, the worry that all of you are going through, we know that the Mother Earth is going through transformations and ascensions that make all of you that are living here, progressively were forced into the same process. We would want to share something really simple that will make all of your children to go though this process easily and effectively. That is to simply going through with letting go the old and the acceptance of the new.

How to maintain inner peace even in bad situations?

Whatever you are experiencing now is a creation that you have brought into existence from past thoughts and feelings. You have been programmed that whatever have been playing in the background in your consciousness as your habits and daily routines. You are used to being in the feelings and emotions of comfort that is within your routines. What if our routines are disrupted? This doesn't only happens now in the situation of the MCO of Covid-19 but it rather renders throughout your life when there is any major challenges or changes. Many of you children, are screaming inside, that when will this be over? It will when you are ready my dear children.

While this moment may have caught you all, what you can do is to let go and to dream of another new reality. Your mind, brain and the way your system would work is always afraid of any changes. You need to let go the aspect of this creation that no longer serve you nor giving any purpose. Release the past. Wanting to go back what has been before is putting you strongly in the realm of anxiety and depression. We are not saying that you may not go back what you used to be, but it is the expectation of putting your mind stuck in the past that is haunting you. Remember my dear children, this applies for all situations in your life!

Changes is always for the better. We might not sure how the system will worked out for you all, could be a world that is even better from the past? Therefore, children, do not be afraid of any changes when your vision is strong. Release any expectation that holds you back into the past. Create a new world, what are we trying to explain here that is a new world within your consciousness which is full of inner peace and tranquility that basically requires you to work on a basic of new perceptions and acceptance.

Accept where are you right now, and from there you are able to see what was the past and you will have the courage and strength to look beyond to create a new illusion, a new world. We are always with you our dear children, for us what we offer is peace, tranquility and happiness.

May the spirit be with you. Take this chance and make a leap of faith!

Kodama Tree Spirit.

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