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Spiritual Revolution: Stop being overwhelmed...

Do you felt buried or drowned beneath a huge mass of something, especially with your daily routines, like work, gym, errands and even meeting your friends and family? I admit that I do feel it sometimes, but yes they are getting lesser and lesser, day by day and night by night, when I come to understand why do I feel this way.

Being self-suffocated with these situations, is something that cannot be changed overnight, unless you are ready to do a 360 degrees change towards your life style, and that is too dramatic. Even that, the feeling of overwhelmed will come back again and again, not unless we totally know the way on how to reduce this suffocation.

And this suffocation is actually only caused by our own perception.

Before venturing into how to deal with our overwhelming feeling of suffocation. We would like to share something really interesting. A lot of time, our perception of life always forced us to look at the deficiency of something in our life, which are from our nature instinct of survival of the finest; and to how our education system taught us on competitions. Our subconscious is only bombarded with this concept and we will always focus on the bad of something.

Just saying, energy goes where attention goes. Simple, yet the truth, this is how manifestation works. Human are easily distracted from paying attention towards the goodness around them due to the nature of the subconscious mind as said of wanting more and never had enough. This created a hunger. When we are living in the "never enough world perceptions", we would naturally pay more attention towards the bad experiences. In this modern culture, the public would give less notices or attentions on the good things that is happening around them but to complaint on things that they feel is not good enough.

As we only focus on the idea of seeking. Then seeking will impossible to stop.

Only keep seeking. When was the last time that you are doing something, you were doing like you really meant it? Or did you just rush over it because you were programmed in a way you need to do it? So this program is something making you to feel life is like a competition? I can say, if we continue chasing unintended goals, doing activities which we never really meant doing it, running errands that actually doesn't search our true purpose, we are in the steps of falling in too much to do, overwhelmed and even a meltdown or sometimes anxiety attack.

How about we start to practice doing things like we really mean doing it? Even you would think that something that is not important? This bring us back of being grateful in doing everything, and give attention towards everything we are doing, then we are contented and we know we will be even happier; when we felt that we have achieve something already.

The key here is to do everything, in a way to the best you meant to do it.

So we could see the reason of doing it, and we will feel accomplished even doing simple task.

Remember everything doesn't comes and goes together. So we are blessed to do things one step at a time.

In a way, I felt that this is really important to share. When we start to do everything like we are meaning of doing it, even the simple tasks; this creates so much gratitude and the feeling accomplishment. We open up possibility of inviting love into our life.

Many love and Blessings.

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