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Spiritual Revolution: Stop the Blame Game

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

"Stop the blame game. The American said it was the Chinese, the Chinese in Malaysia said it was from the Malays and again the Malays would argued that it was from China." So when is the blame game is going stop? If we would have continue to have this mindset, the game will never stop and the game will keep going on, and this is when the source of the problem will keep on excavating. From the perspective of the Covid-19 virus, or even the harmonizing of the country in the future. It will just worsen everything.

When will we all learnt?

Every living being are created in their own way, and each of us are brought to a point of existence and time uniquely. Whatever that you are experiencing might be different from another even they would given the same situation. For whatever that you may deem wrong can be right to another. We are all the children of the universe, and we are a family, each experiencing different path of expressions for the expansion of the universe, everything happened for a reason. As such, there is no point to be judgmental of anything that may seems right or wrong to us as in the prescriptive of others could be possibility not the same as ours.

Everyone have a role to play in all the circumstances of the events, rather it would be an world event or not. It is that our own personal opinion that deem the situations, an event can be viewed as positive as it would and it can be viewed as negative and anxiety it could be. Instead, we should see everyone from of the same source, we are all family. By being willing to look at things from a different perspective, it changed what happened and the initial healing will start. When you are willing to look at the same event from different perspective, you can heal the world. Everything start from within, we believe this is the responsibility inward. When we change the way we feel, and believe and think which is always temporary, our outer world will change. We got no time to say But, Actually, It Was, and etc.... Instead of keep the blame game going, we focus on what we could do within and play our part as who we should be.

I AM the Soul, I AM the Light Divine, I AM Love, I AM Will, I AM Fixed Design. I AM the Monad, I AM the Light Divine, I AM Love, I AM Will, I AM Fixed Design. I AM the Monad, I AM the Light Divine, I AM Love, I AM Will, I AM Fixed Design.

~ Djwahl Khul's Soul/Monad Mantra ~ Light Mantra ~ ~ANTAHKARANA~

This mantra was brought to us by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey. It is the mantra of the Great White Brotherhood. It is an extremely powerful mantra to invoke your Soul/Higher Self and Monad/God Presence. This is also an excellent mantra to assist with the building of your Antakarana. Using this mantra and Antakarana Meditations, you build a rainbow bridge to your Soul (I AM Presence) and your Monad (God Presence), (you as group soul), also to other extraterrestrial, celestial and Angelic origins, (your divine councils).

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