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Spiritual Revolution: The modern way of looking at ancestors and karmic relationships.

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Beside being creating our own perspective of life since a child, information were passed to us from our parents and family when we were conceived and knowing that these genes were being "selected" naturally over thousands of years and over revolution, they hold tremendous amount of identity and memoir. Not only that, of which there are many other elements are passed down to us concurrently; like culture, religion, beliefs system, perspective, karmic conditions, to a certain extend, and these could be act on from up to seven generations.

What are being passed down from our parents and ancestors?

  • genetic materials that hold vibrations like DNA imprint which were selected over thousand of years for survivor

  • good or bad karmic conditions and memories within each cells

  • cultures and religions that created an embodiment

  • lineage belief system

  • social and generation perspective

  • etc

According to our understanding, since life has no polarity, there is nothing good nor bad, however some of the elements of these pass-downs could create negative impacts on our well being given at any current state of mind (also many are actually bringing us the benefits too). Of which, there are imprints or pass-downs that hold us back from stepping fully into mastery, and the fullest possible expression of our true-self, which are dictated as our limiting soul pattern.

One of the reason we are holding back these elements are because we are not aware and secondly, we though of these elements that are holding us back actually in a way provide us a refuge, which creates our fear to step outside the comfort zone. What are the points we are still keeping these imprints despite bringing us negative impact? We would assuming that some part of this belief will bring us some benefits, but it’s only the an illusion from the ego that shielded us from making the right judgement, because our emotions would not comprehend hypocrites, it will not lie.

For many these elements that are not creating the wellness in us, are still active in our fields and they are no longer serving our spiritual growth. These elements can creates patterns such as such as poverty, abandonment, betrayal and violence. Removing these elements and imprints is a significant step through our limiting beliefs and essential for anyone on the spiritual path.

One of the way of which to release these traps are to aware of our ultimate soul presence (who we truly are) and the willingness to let go what are not serving us anymore. Clearing ancestor and karmic relationships is not a one time process but a constant and regime practice of awareness, meditation, dedication and willingness to let go.

Sometimes, we will also be challenged. Are you willing to let go even your identity?
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