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Spiritual Revolution: When I open the door; I see Light...

Struggling with mental health is something real. It is so real that depressions bleeds and anxieties suffocates. Taking care of our mental health is as crucial as taking care our physical body. Our mental well-being is as much needed attention from us; just like our basic needs of having meals, balance nutrition, exercises & workouts, sufficient rest and daily activities.

There is no black or white if we would be labelling with topics about mental health, its not like you have it or don't. Mental health consist of a spectrum of conditions, which their range cannot be determined. Anyone who struggle working with their emotions are not surprised that they surely need more care with their mental health.

My sharing of this topic is not that I would want to show how great I can be in becoming a guru, a teacher, but this sharing is based on what I have been through and still learning. Mental health is challenging, but that doesn't mean there is no way out.

Well, at least I opened the door. Very least, there is no way out if we keep the door shuts.

Before we would share more, let us understand what are our emotions? Emotions are one of the most beautiful gifts we received. It works like a meter that is indicating the current state of our well-being. Whether you are sad or happy, angry or calm, joyful or frustrated, that let us know your true condition towards certain issues. That is why we should not hide our emotions. Many of us love to hide our emotions by doing something deceiving like overeating, over indulging over something like alcohol, making ourselves too busy and even sometimes drugs. We should try to embrace all of our emotions, so we could find our life lessons and that bring us into our life journey. Running away from our emotions will create illusions in our life and this leads to mental health issues. Emotions, no matter it is good or bad, it provides good opportunities.

How can we be honest towards our emotion and how this can help? Honesty. This word can mean a truthful expression of something that we feel, and a response that inspired by our true selves. Many times, we choose to cover things up, maybe to an extend of lying not just to people around us but even to ourselves, just so we "think" we could make things better. Before we could even stride an action, we already made assumptions using our own perception. These assumptions are very toxic because it is driven by fear, jealousy and ego.

The feelings you are dealing with everyday; interactions of your surrounding including places, people and situations. If any of those factors would trigger an emotion response, look at them and not bury them deeper by seeking out temporary relief methods as above. When we pay attention to our emotions, it didn't bring us pain, but it highlighted the pain that has been inside us and we would take small step to make some changes to ease the pain.

I just want to let you guys know that, love is something beautiful that is available all the time and one of the reason that we do not feel love is because we do not want to receive it. It is only our own block towards our own happiness.

We are our biggest own enemy.

Asking for help is the first step to open the door to let situation to be better. And asking for help doesn't mean that we are weak. Asking for help actually reassure our subconscious minds that it is okay to receive love and care around us. If you encounter any roadblocks and problems require it is good to ask for help just be willing to accept help and love. Be kind to thyself.

I hope this may give a hand to all of us, many love and blessings. After all, this is why I started Over A Cup of Coffee, a place to share beautiful items and conversations made with consciousness, awareness and love.

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