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Spiritual Revolution: Why I choose to see joy in Everything?

I would never think spirituality would be something so simple. From the history, that could be such a vast views on spirituality with different concepts and perspectives that leads the way by religions and later personal awakening. What is the ultimate goal of spirituality? Some may say that ultimate goal of spirituality is to realize our self, who we are, why we born, what we are doing here and what is the purpose of this human birth. Some may even undergo special training, try to understand complicated philosophies, attaining special powers, try to be "spiritual" to connect to God just to attain self-realization or "seek further." In general, many believe is the sense of connection to something bigger, stronger, more powerful and better versions than ourselves. The bad news here is, searching is a verb that will never stop, and this has the power to turn everyone depressed if let the keyword "searching" to dictate our lives.

I choose to see spirituality as to be able see joy in everything. As a start, everyone would have their own personal journey towards training themselves to see joy in their life. That is to start with feeling joy in things you are doing. In no matter what they are doing, they are raising their vibration of love and joy, as long as they are being authentic. Some find joy in gardening, and some find joy in singing, some find joy in becoming a great athletic, some find joy in being a mother; they all find joy. This vibration connects us to God. Moments of elation and high vibrations comes in when we are being 100% authentic and 100% joy at times. This is what I called moments of awakenings. These awakening moments created connections to the universe, created connection to God. When to be able to see joy in everything we created.

As we start to see joy in things, we choose to do. We create peace within ourselves and the universe. We created a relationship with the universe that in based on joy, we connect to God with love and joy, this is the start of spirituality that we have been looking for. It is not about searching outside, but to find joy within that what we already have, to realize spirituality and to realize God. Spirituality and God is not something we would search for, but it is something we would realize that is already within. As we practice joy in whatever we are doing, we will attracts more perspective of creating more joy in our universe, this is when a point is attained that when we would see joy in everything, no matter how you would labelled it before. This is when the highest vibration can be witness, the enlightenment. It is a moment and it take us effort and love to realize this, the more we realize, the more closer and more stable we could situated ourselves in the vibration of joy, peace then enlightenment.

Thank you all of you for creating so much joy together. It is yet a personal journey but what makes it matters is still that of we will still do it together. One day, we would realize that we are already together in many ways.

The answer to life is to stop looking for what you need and start recognizing what you already have.

Kevin Gan

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