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Spiritual Revolution: Why are negative beliefs harmful and 3 steps to overcome them.

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

We have always been sharing and continue learning about how things could make us to feel better, to be at joy at any given moment. However, there are times we could be affected by negative impacts that would sunder our well-being leading to discomforts and pain. Today, we will be looking more in-depth towards the negative aspects of our self, how to make friends with it? And how to embrace it with a few more practical exercises.

What are negative beliefs?

This becomes prominent from the condition of our emotions and feelings and when we feel bad about something, we would automatically label the experience as negative impacts. What really makes those experiences to be negative to us are based on what we beliefs at that moment, and these beliefs programs can then be shared as negative beliefs system.

First Step is to make friends with the "Enemy".

If we are not feeling good about something, it is always good to make friend with the feeling by accepting the feelings and identifying the root reasons, sometimes just by doing this, the belief system would just drop the affecting emotions.

Second Step is to find the underlying fake benefits.

If that doesn’t help, we then should ask ourselves what benefits are there that we are wanting to keep this beliefs. What are the points we are still keeping this beliefs despite bringing us negative impact? We would assuming that some part of this belief will bring us some benefits, but it’s only the an illusion from the ego that shielded us from making the right judgement, because our emotions would not comprehend hypocrites, it will not lie. Something that is affecting us in a non-joyful manner means it’s not joy, that’s it. There are no real benefits, only assumptions!

To this point, many things will be then be very clear to us. In response we will naturally be in the form of unconditionally love towards ourselves, we would drop the negative beliefs.

Third Step is to set a walk-through.

If that doesn’t work again, repeat the whole process by writing down the negative emotion, root of cause and assumed fake benefits in a piece of paper and then meditate or contemplate on this topic, when we are able to raise beyond the perspective of the current vibration, when we relax and when we attune ourselves towards the higher vibration and higher self, answers and decisions become easy.

In conclusion.

We can always practice this with any number of negative beliefs that we have and sort on. Any discomforts and pain are temporary, and everything is created within ourselves.

These are the two sprays that could help us for the process of clearing negative beliefs.


Our Detox’s spray unclutter blocked thoughts and clear trapped emotions, to facilitate confusion and stagnant of ones energy patterns.

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Our Embrace’s Spray enable us to embrace our past and to create a new perspective towards our current selves that are generally feeling better and more loving without any negative resistance. 

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With great intention just spray at a space or around an individual! #energyspray #overacupofcoffee

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