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15 Main Archangels

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• Archangel Ariel: Aid in manifesting what you need in this world from the standpoint of abundance, prosperity, or your material needs. She’s also the protector of nature, including animals and the environment. Her name translates as “the lioness of God,” and she is associated with the color pale pink.


•Archangel Azrael: If you’re burdened with sorrow, have suffered a loss, or are in need of comfort and a way to get past what you’ve experienced, call upon Azrael. He is the most graceful and the most elegant of all the archangels. His name means “the mercy of God,” and he can help you or those you know in need find comfort. He is known for appearing in a creamy white color.

•Archangel Chamuel: If you’ve lost something or are searching for something (the perfect job, the perfect mate, your car keys), Archangel Chamuel can come to your aid. His name means “the eyes of God,” and he can help you find anything you’re looking for. Resonating in a pale green color, he's also the archangel to call if you’re trying to come to peace about something in your life.


• Archangel Gabriel: Archangel of creative people. If you are working on something artistic; are a creative type like an actor, a speaker, or a writer; or need to find the right words for a conversation, then Archangel Gabriel is perfect for you. She is also great if you need someone to help push you past procrastination and get stuff done. As she is the angel of the Annunciation, she is also known to work with people regarding pregnancy, birth, or adoption. Her associated color is copper, and her name means “the strength of God.”

• Archangel Haniel: Archangel Haniel’s name means the “grace of God.” If your concern is about growing your spiritual gifts and becoming more intuitive, then ask for her assistance. She can help with giving readings or doing them for yourself. She also specializes in women’s issues. She is known to appear in a silvery blue color.


• Archangel Jeremiel: Jeremiel is another archangel who’s awesome for developing your spiritual gifts, but who is also great at helping you review your life to date so that you can understand what changes you need to make. His name means “the mercy of God,” and his color is deep purple.

• Archangel Jophiel: Archangel Jophiel is the archangel of beauty. She can help you clean up your space and beautify any part of your life. Some call her the feng shui angel. I prefer to think of her as the archangel of positive thinking, because you can also call on her if your thoughts need cleaning up. She helps in making our life more energetically balanced, nurture and focused on the positive aspects of life. She is coated with purple red color.

• Archangel Metatron: He is our leader in Angelic Reiki. If you need help with time management, then Archangel Metatron will be of assistance. He can bend time for you so that you have more time to get a project done or arrive somewhere on time even if you left later than you meant to. He’s also known as the protector of children and very sensitive people. The meaning of his name is unclear. His color is a blend of violet and green.

• Archangel Michael: For those who are feeling unsafe, I recommend asking for the help of Archangel Michael, “he who is like God.” Known for helping protect us and also soothing our fears, Michael can sever unwanted connections to the past or to people you feel need to be safely and lovingly removed from your life. If you need self-confidence or clarity on your life purpose, call upon Michael. His color is a deep royal blue, sometimes seen with a hint of gold.

• Archangel Raguel: If your concern is clearing up an argument, resolving a misunderstanding, or just making sure that things go well among individuals or groups, Raguel is the right one to call. His name means “the friend of God,” and he can smooth over difficult interpersonal situations or even help you make new friends. His color is a pale, robin’s-egg blue.

• Archangel Raphael: Raphael, whose name means “God heals,” is the archangel for physical healing. So if you’re sick, in physical pain, or have other bodily ailments, he’s your guy. Raphael is also the archangel of safe travels, so you can call upon him while flying or driving long distances. He is also known as a bit of a matchmaker. I often suggest that people work with Raphael and Chamuel in partnership for issues of finding the right romantic partner. Raphael’s healing light is emerald green.

• Archangel Raziel: I always think of Raziel as a kind of wizard of the archangel realm. He’s very magical and can help you understand esoteric information, heal from past-life issues, or interpret your nighttime dreams. His name means “the secrets of God,” as he is said to sit at the throne of God, writing down all he hears. He radiates rainbow colors.

• Archangel Sandalphon: When you feel as though your prayers aren’t being heard or are being left unanswered, you can call upon Sandalphon, the archangel known to personally carry prayers to God. Ask him for help seeing, hearing, or knowing what the answers to your prayers are. He’s also the archangel associated with music, so musicians should take heed! Sandalphon means “brother together,” and he appears turquoise in color.

• Archangel Uriel: Do you need a brilliant idea? Are you seeking a true epiphany about what to do next or any aspect of your life? Then Archangel Uriel is there for you. Uriel is also known for emotional healing, so if you carry pain from the past you need to reconcile and work through, he can help. Along with Gabriel, he’s a great archangel to work with if you see yourself as a spiritual teacher. His name means “the light of God.” I see him as being a glittery golden color, though others perceive him as solid yellow.

• Archangel Zadkiel: Zadkiel, “the righteousness of God,” is the tutor of the archangel realm. Think of him as a kind of angelic ginkgo biloba! If your concern is taking tests, passing your exams in school, learning something new, or just remembering things, call upon Zadkiel, who is associated with deep indigo blue. He can also help you with forgiveness of yourself and others.

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